Lighting the way; one family at a time! A hand up, not a hand-out.

It is a known fact that the government alone cannot deal with the homeless situation nor reduce poverty. The foundation will work towards the reduction of poverty and homelessness; help building and restoring family life. And will work with individuals to become self-sufficient, facilitate the environment for empowerment and change, which will cause persons to become responsible and accountable. Trinidad and Tobago needs families who are productive, progressive, responsible, and accountable citizens: who are not continually dependent on society but can give back to society.

Mission Statement:
Starlite for Humanity Foundation is to partner with philanthropic individuals to provide hope and security to the less fortunate by reducing poverty and homelessness in Trinidad and Tobago – one roof at a time – while working with individuals to facilitate the environment for learning, empowerment, self-sufficiency, and nation building.

Vision Statement:
To significantly reduce poverty and homelessness in Trinidad and Tobago by pioneering a new culture of philanthropy, helping citizens to appreciate their duty to enhancing the lives and living conditions of others.

Starlite for Humanity Foundation will not be able to help every needy family, however it will help one family at a time. It will not eradicate poverty, however it will reduce its effects. It will not eradicate abuse; as poverty is symptomatic of abuse, however it will touch lives with hope and a “Starlite”, while building a future for many of the nation’s children who have been left behind. Each of us can become part of the solution. Thus, leaving a legacy of change for future generations and, fulfilling our purpose and reason for living.