About Us

About The Starlite Group

The Starlite Group is a subset of the very successful GASL Group of Companies, which was started over twenty (20) years ago and is a household name across Trinidad and Tobago.

From inception, the parent company has become synonymous with Innovation, Development, Fashion, Integrity and Customer Service. The group began its operations in the early 1940’s as door-to-door merchants and over the years has diversified into Retail Textile Services, Textile Manufacturing, Property Development and Pharmaceuticals. They have successfully developed brands such as: Textile Shops – Aboutique, Gorgio’s; The Trinidad Textile Mill; Health and Beauty retailers – Starlite Drugs Diego Martin and Maraval; shopping malls in West, Central and South Trinidad respectively – Starlite Shopping Plaza, Centre City Plaza, Tropical Mall and more recently the Haleand Park Villas. Needless to say they have become authorities on setting trends, market exploration and capitalization of assets for profit. Over the years interests have been sold in selected areas leaving the group focused on a sizable real estate portfolio, stocks and investment portfolios and the pharmaceutical outlets.

The Group now oversees the management of Starlite Trinidad and Starlite Collection, which are both dedicated to elevating the standards of and offerings to the public in the realms of Health, Beauty and Wellness Products.

Our History

Starlite Trinidad, the brainchild of our Managing Director, Mr. Gerald Aboud began changing the landscape of the industry over seventeen (17) years ago. Recognizing a need to empower the consumer, as all pharmacies at the time operated on a very restricted scale, he sought to up the ante by not only giving the consumer the option to select their own products, but to shop in an environment that was well designed and stocked with products that would have been out of the reach of the local market.

With the pioneering of a new customer experience and environment for consumers the Starlite Trinidad exceeded expectations: It grew beyond a place people went to fill prescriptions and became a place people visited for products they saw on TV! We paved the way for others to adopt this exciting module; however, we kept a very discerning customer as we prize Customer Loyalty and Service above everything else.

From our vision to grow the retail aspect and serve the needs of our affluent customers, we created Starlite Collection. Under this brand, our customers would have a variety of exclusive brand name cosmetics available locally. In the past, these exclusive brands were not available on the local market, which customers would only buy when they visit overseas.
At Starlite Trinidad, we pride ourselves as leaders in the health and beauty industry. In every aspect of our business we apply a detail-oriented approach with an emphasis on excellence in customer service. Within our pharmacy, you will find our products tailored to the needs of our customers and guided by expert pharmacists and management- that listen to their requests. What sets us apart is that “We apply quality to everything we do.”

In 2016, Starlite Trinidad is again pioneering the industry with the brand evolving into a holistic department store, one that will bring to Health, Beauty and Wellness to the nation as an all in one department store.